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I’ve been gone a few days, taking a little “me time” after the death of my Father a week ago. Today’s Daily Sunshine might not seem cheery, but we all have things we are grieving and grief is a part of life. The sun still shines and the flowers bloom. We go on. I had […] … Continue reading

I’m guilty of wanting to change the whole world, to do something hugely meaningful. Sometimes it’s the small things that are the most effective. Random acts of kindness. A hug. Sitting in silence with someone who just needs to feel connected. A smile. A nice “good morning” wish. All are free to give and […] via

This thought comes from Calm, my newest and favorite mediation app. I love their Daily Calm, a guided meditation with a new theme every day. I don’t know how they come up with all their ideas, but I’m certainly enjoying all of them. via Daily Sunshine – 4 April — 61 Musings

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